Teen screening of "Operation Wedding" doc + Q&A with Prisoner of Zion Sylva Zalmanson

"Can you think of one good thing is the Soviet Union?" wisely asked by one of the 10th grade students in Tel Aviv's "Ironi T High School" to Sylva Zalmanson, a former prisoner of Zion who had tried to escape from the Soviet Union to Israel and received 10 years in the Gulag.

Sylva replied: "I have to think a lot to find perhaps one thing that was good, but even if I find it, it does not matter, every good thing is erased when there is no freedom for man."

In the past two weeks, the film "Wedding Operation" was screened for 10th graders at "Ironi Tet High School" in Tel Aviv. This is apparently the first time they have been exposed to the story of the struggle against Soviet Jewry and after the discussion with Sylva Zalmanson in the school library, one of the students told Sylva, "I will also fight for justice."

It was certainly an inspiring day and everything thanks to teacher Inna Valtman, who brought the subject film to this school. This is not a simple task at this time of the end of the year ...

Thank you Inna! And thanks to the school principal, Ronen Raphael!

The film was screened with great success and will continue to be shown to the students in the years to come. 👇 More about "Operation Wedding" and youth screenings around the world:


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