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The untimely death of "Operation Wedding" producer, Sasha Klein ז"ל

It was Sunday at 2pm when I got a message "Anat, what happened to Sasha??"

I didn't know what happened and I could not imagine that he had passed away...

Sasha was healthy, strong, cone. Sasha always answers the phone, you can always count on him to help, or give a good advise. I burst into tears and immediately called his cell phone.

For a moment I thought maybe there's a mistake, it can not be that he is just gone. This was the first time in five years that he wasn't available.

Sasha Klein, a dear friend and film producer with whom I worked in partnership with my last film, with whom I planned to work for many years, died suddenly of cardiac arrest during his sleep on Saturday night, August 12, 2018.

I met Sasha five years ago when I was looking for a producer for my film "Operation Wedding." I just came back from New York and the truth is that I did not have to look for too long, he was the first one I spoke to and I immediately knew my search was over. After two years I had done almost everything on my own, suddenly there was someone I could rely on, I felt as if they had taken off the heavy load and suddenly things began to move and doors opened.

We had an excellent connection at work and all the time I thought, "How lucky I am, that I met Sasha." Our relationship was based on sincerity, openness, reciprocity. Somehow we always agreed on everything.

Sasha was probably the most diligent person I knew. He remembered everything, he was always in time, he always had strength and never complained. I did not understand how he did not get tired? He was also very noble and wise, respectful and fair.

I actually felt close to him, I could call and consult with him and I saw on Facebook that many people wrote this about him. In recent years we have been talking several times a week about the distribution of "Operation Wedding" and about our future film (based on Operation Wedding) as well as other projects. It was clear that we would continue to work together. I will miss him so much. He was just a great man, unmatched.

I think about his family, and my heart hurts. I can not imagine what they're going through. I know how close they all were.

I do not have comforting words. Just a great sadness about this loss.

יהי זכרו ברוך


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