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Director Europe Film Tour summer 2018 -Operation Wedding, documentary

Warsaw, Kiev and Berlin:

May 27, 2018


Poland premiere was presented with the Jewish Mofit Film Festival: full house at Kino Muranów!

We showed the film with Polish & English subtitles.

May 29, 2018


Nativ (the Liaison Bureau of Israel) and the Israeli Embassy in Kiev presented an Ukraine premiere screening of Operation Wedding with Russian subtitles.

​I have a special connection to "Nativ". It was thanks to "Nativ" that my father was saved from death sentence in 1970.

I WAS THERE IN SPIRIT when Operation Wedding won

BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY at International Filmmaker Festival of New York! (Physically I was in Kiev)

We are so honored to receive the award for Best Feature Documentary International Filmmaker Festival of New York! (IFFNY)

I'm only sorry that I couldn't be there, as I was on a film tour in East Europe, scheduled before we knew we'll be participating at IFFNY.

The Award Gala was hosted at the prestigious Kaufman Astoria Studio.

Accepting the award on our behalf from World Jewish Congress were Rafael and Mira Nekctalov, former Soviet refuseniks.

Ermira Babamusta (International Liaison & IFFNY Team) presenting the award to Raphael Nekctalov:


The screening, two days before the Award Gala, was followed by a conversation with Glenn Richter and Ermira Babamusta.

Glenn was the film's film’s history advisor who was highly involved in the Soviet Jewry movement.

Ermira is IFFNY's International Liaison, originally from Albania from a brave family who saved Jews during World War II.

Press HERE for the video.


Before the festival, NY Elite Magazine published an article interview with me. Read it online: (press photo)


June 28, 2018



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