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Cleveland: five screenings in two days

Sunday, March 5, at 12:30pm: Akiva high school

Screening for teenagers is always my goal.

They seem to respond and really understand the deep meaning of the story.

Sunday, March 5, at 4 pm: Beth Israel The West Temple

Did you know that the Struggle for Soviet Jewry started thanks to NASA in Cleveland 1963? It was founded in this place in 1963, the Beth Israel-The West Temple in Cleveland, so I was extra happy that Jewish Federation Of Cleveland hosted a screening of Operation Wedding at the West Temple. How is all that related to NASA? People who worked for NASA and were also members of the West Temple learned that USSR doesn't let people leave and even more so - that Jews in USSR want to leave! And that's how it started, in a nutshell

In the picture above, I'm pointing at the sign that says:

"Hear the cry of the oppressed THE JEWISH COMMUNITY IN THE SOVIET UNION"

Sunday, March 5, at 7 pm:

Cedar-Lee Cinema, the main screening

American and Israelis gathered in the cinema. I enjoyed hearing their reaction to the film: laughing, crying...

Monday, March 6, at 11 am & at 7:15pm:

Russian subtitles screenings at Atlas Cinema

Even though not many former Soviet Union people know about this story, that was hidden from them in the Soviet press, the people who came stood up and said "thanks to your parents we are free"


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