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“Operation Wedding”

one of the most pivotal chapters in Soviet Jewry


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Operation Wedding was released in 2016. 

Thanks to donations that have been made so far, we have;

Applied to more then 60 international film festivals

Reached more then 334,000 trailer views on Facebook and YouTube! 

And keeping this website alive. 

But there are more festivals to apply, more posters to print, endless viewers on social media.

***Every donation is spent on distributing the film, immediately***

Help us keep this story alive, help us remind the new generation

that an individual can make a difference and about Jewish solidarity that was so powerful it brought down the Iron Curtain!

Operation Wedding had won 15 AWARDS​​ so far:

Semi-Finalist  - Courage Film Festival, Berlin

March 3, 2019

Semi-Finalist - Award This! Film Threat's Oscar Party

February 24, 2019

AWARDS - Operation Wedding, documentary

September 30, 2018

Best Writing Award  - History and Film Festival, Croatia

September 17, 2018

Young Jury Award for Best Documentary  - The Rasnov Histories and Film Festival, Romania / Festivalul de Film şi Istorii Râşnov

July 26, 2018

NYC: Best Feature Documentary Award at International Filmmaker Festival of New York

May 29, 2018

Award of Excellence - Cinema World Fest Awards Winter 2018 Canada

March 29, 2018

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